Oda Mitsuhide

Former Right Hand Man of Oda Nobunaga, Betrothed to Oda Soifon


Mitsuhide comes from a long line of ashigaru who were raised to samurai unofficially over time, taking the name Akechi as their family name, though publicly they use the name Oda.

He is betrothed to Oda Nobunaga’s daughter Oda Soifon, though complications contually push off the wedding. He was involved in the battle against the Bandit King in order to rescue his fiance from her capture, and also a major figure in the siege of the Broken Tower.


Timeline References

  • Birth
  • Investigation in Oni Mura (Not Referenced)
  • Destroying the Bandit King
  • Attacking Oni Mura (Not Referenced)
  • Battle of the Broken Tower

Oda Mitsuhide

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