~Dead: Asahina Tadamo~

Topaz famed who died saving Ryu in the Battle against Chikazane


Tadamo was one of the Topaz contestants that failed to make the championship, and largely portrayed herself as insignificant in the very first story arc. That would later change, as the second story arc revolved around her, and the creation of a sacred weapon, Nemunari.

Tadamo returned along with the other Topaz contestants at Sleeping River, where they faced Chikazane together. In the battle, Tadamo was badly wounded, and would use her last moments in Rokugan saving the life of ‘Matsu Ryu’.


Timeline References

  • Birth
  • Topaz Championship
  • Temple of the Asahina
  • Facing Chikazane at Sleeping River (Died saving Ryu)
  • Death

~Dead: Asahina Tadamo~

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