~Dead: Bayushi Taeru~

Deserter of the Scorpion during the Coup


Bayushi Taeru was a bushi of the Scorpion Clan. During the Scorpion Coup Taeru was under the command of the general Bayushi Sundokai. In the fifth day of the Coup, when the defeat was evident, Taeru surrendered with other seven Scorpion, including Yogo Boku. Taeru was unaware Boku had been placed among his unit as Sundokai’s watcher upon him, and he would use Taeru’s betrayal as an advantage to approach a major general and kill him with his assassin abilities.


Timeline References

  • Scorpion Clan Coup, Day Five (Is Killed in battle by the heroes)
  • Dead

~Dead: Bayushi Taeru~

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