Bayushi Yojiro

The Honest Scorpion


Yojiro remains one of the few scorpion to be tolerated in the existence of the empire after the Scorpion Clan Coup. His distance from the plans and non-participation in the coup at the time it occurred was observed as being of the same likeness as his reputation as ‘The honest scorpion’. He remains an Emerald Magistrate, based largely out of Otosan Uchi.


Timeline References

  • Birth
  • Topaz Championship
  • Temple of the Asahina
  • Start of the Ebi Mura Campaign
  • Rescue at Sulfur Island
  • The Stars of Destiny Revealed
  • Battosai in Swan Village
  • Investigation in Oni Mura
  • Ebi Mura Continued
  • Destroying the Bandit King
  • Attacking Oni Mura
  • Blue Moon Village
  • Onto Boulder Village
  • Investigation in Boulder Village
  • The Castle of Akuma Jou
  • Personal Matters After Boulder Village
  • Murder at Kyotei Castle
  • Inu’s Wedding and the Tournament of Thunder
  • Honor’s Veil
  • Noh Masks
  • Ebehdo Castle in Bayushi Lands
  • Facing Chikazane at Sleeping River
  • Oni Mura Castle Part II
  • Three Man Alliance
  • Habara of Swan Village
  • Cult of the Bloody Tongue
  • Curses, Curses
  • Clan Visits
  • Inu’s Avalanche
  • Battle of the Broken Tower
  • Laying Siege on the Broken Tower
  • The Firebringer and the Fifty Crane Murder
  • The Silenced Whistleblower
  • Gathering Three Allies
  • Routing the Thunder Band
  • Resolving the Fifty Crane Murder
  • The Birth of the Tiger Clan

Bayushi Yojiro

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