~Dead: Daidoji Rubaiten~

Crane Clan Harrier, Saboteur of Otosan Uchi during the Coup


During the first day of the Scorpion Coup the Scorpion released all the prisoners of Kyuden Kokai. Among them was a group of rebels determined to exact revenge upon the Scorpion for their assault, who were led by Akutiso. During the escape a Bayushi guardsman killed her, and in turn was killed by Rubaiten and Nejire.

Once rivals, Akutiso’s death rallied both men to cooperate in inflicting as much damage on the Scorpion as possible. They worked as canny saboteurs during the Coup. In the fourth day of the Coup their target was an encampment in the south of the city. They spread barrels of fish oil across the River of the Sun, destroying several junks set up as blockades against attacks launched from the sea. They were trapped by Scorpion forces in the sake works Lion’s Rage. Rubaiten managed to escape severely wounded, but Nejire was killed.

Rubaiten crawled behind the Shrine to Lord Moon to use a single wrapped bundle of Gaijin pepper, expecting to draw the wrath of Onnotangu. A loud explosion echoed the city and fires raged through the shrine


Timeline References

  • Birth
  • Topaz Championship
  • Temple of the Asahina
  • Start of the Ebi Mura Campaign
  • Rescue at Sulfur Island
  • The Stars of Destiny Revealed
  • Battosai in Swan Village
  • Investigation in Oni Mura
  • Ebi Mura Continued
  • Destroying the Bandit King
  • Attacking Oni Mura
  • Blue Moon Village
  • Onto Boulder Village
  • Investigation in Boulder Village
  • The Castle of Akuma Jou
  • Personal Matters After Boulder Village
  • Murder at Kyotei Castle
  • Inu’s Wedding and the Tournament of Thunder
  • Honor’s Veil
  • Noh Masks
  • Ebehdo Castle in Bayushi Lands
  • Facing Chikazane at Sleeping River
  • Oni Mura Castle Part II
  • Three Man Alliance
  • Habara of Swan Village
  • Cult of the Bloody Tongue
  • Curses, Curses
  • Clan Visits
  • Inu’s Avalanche
  • Battle of the Broken Tower
  • Laying Siege on the Broken Tower
  • The Firebringer and the Fifty Crane Murder (Not Referenced)
  • The Silenced Whistleblower
  • Gathering Three Allies
  • Routing the Thunder Band
  • The Birth of the Tiger Clan
  • Resolving the Fifty Crane Murder
  • A Glimpse into Darkness
  • Months Before the Fall
  • Scorpion Clan Coup, Day One
  • Scorpion Clan Coup, Day Two
  • Scorpion Clan Coup, Day Three
  • Scorpion Clan Coup, Day Four
  • Scorpion Clan Coup, Day Five
  • Dead

~Dead: Daidoji Rubaiten~

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