~Dead: Haku~

A spy of the Hitachi in service to the Oni of Oni Mura



Haku was known as the best assassin for the Hitachi, crafty in all ways. He was born of a Hitachi dragon and a peasant woman. For fear that he would become the monstrosity of his father, his mother bargained with an old witch to save her son. Haku’s face was sealed for fifteen years in a Noh mask until he met the Hitachi who set him free. Since his freedom, his features have began to shift to those of his father’s dragon form, so he has remained voluntarily in the Noh Mask when it suits him to do so.

Haku received the Rune of Punishment from one of his marks, and had never really invested time into understanding it. Over time, he was able to learn the simple gifts of his kind, masking himself for a very shor time as an ordinary ronin. Haku was defeated by the Magistrates, and his Rune was passed on to Daidoji Toru


Timeline References

  • Birth
  • Start of the Ebi Mura Campaign (Not Referenced)
  • The Stars of Destiny Revealed (Not Referenced)
  • Investigation in Oni Mura
  • Attacking Oni Mura

~Dead: Haku~

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