Kaiu Suman

Kaiu Family Daimyo


Suman was given the task of joining a group repairing the Carpenter Wall. This was a great honor to Suman until he noticed that his foreman and other workers were all ronin. During this time, Suman learned alot about what masterless men were willing to do without fear. They worked without armor while Suman was weighted down by his own. They were willing to die for the work while he worried about goblin or oni attacking.

Within ten years, ten of the fourteen workers were dead, but the remaining four went on with Suman’s shining recommendations to safer lines of work. Forty years later, all of the ronin who had worked with Suman were dead, including his foreman, Kikkawa. From this experience Suman rose high his esteem of Ronin.

When news arrived of the Scorpion Coup, the Crab Clan Champion, Hida Kisada, assembled an army that joined the combined forces of the Great Clans at Otosan Uchi in the fourth day of the Coup. Hida Yakamo, Kuni Yori, and Kaiu Suman were part of the Crab forces.


Timeline References

  • Birth
  • Scorpion Clan Coup, Day Six (Not Referenced)

Kaiu Suman

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