The burned monk of Honor's Veil, aka Kakita Hachi


Kakita Hachi was a bushi of the Crane Clan who after he killed his lover shaved his head and became the monk Kuji.

Hachi was sent to Matsu Ino’s court, an ally of his lord Kakita Hojin. There he met the newcomer Shosuro Kujiko, a young beautiful Scorpion shugenja. Between all the samurai who begged her favor Hachi was the one selected, and they became lovers.

Kujiko had been sent to find any way to gain influence over Ino. She run into the old strategy plans for a famous battle where died Ino’s brother, Matsu Chonoku. There were significant discrepancies between the published report and the battle plans she had found, that had been written by Ino himself. It looked as if Ino sent his brother with erroneus information against Crane forces. She came to Hachi to substantiated her fears. Hachi told it to his lord, who had been the Crane daimyo who had won the battle against Chonoku. Hojin panicked commanded Hachi to kill Kujiko, because he had secretely bargained with Ino to kill Chonoku through treason.

Hachi took a venom from her secret compartment and poured it in the tea. After Kujiko drank it she fell and the corpse was passed to two eta, Norii and Tujii, who had to bury her. Hachi came to the temple where he and Kujiko used to meet, but he was surprised when his lover appeared bloody and wounded asking why he had killed her. Somehow Kujiko had not died and she confronted Hachi with her magic, but died after being cut by Hachi’s blade. He suffered terrible burns on his face. His lips had disappeared and the tongue was swollen.

The events had trashed Hachi’s will, who decided to shave his hair and entered in the local monastery as Kuji, to honor the lover he had murdered. He donated a large sum of money to the monks to gain acceptance.

Hachi was too injured, and Dogan, the monk in charge of the monastery expected he would die soon. When a group of magistrates came to question him Kuji confessed and exposed the participation of his Lord Hojin and Ino in the dishonorable death of Chonoku. His testimony could not incriminate a samurai of higher station, but it was instrumental in the demise of Ino and Hojin. The cousin of Kujiko, Bayushi Yojiro, secretly took revenge and both men died in the following months.


Timeline References

  • Birth
  • Honor’s Veil


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