'PC: Moto Katashi'

the Flame Champion


Born into the matriarchal Otaku family, Katashi was born to be a stablehand, but dreamed of a life as a bushi. Katashi is a impetuous young samurai who craves excitement and adventure.


Timeline References

  • Birth
  • Battle of the Broken Tower
  • Laying Siege on the Broken Tower
  • The Firebringer and the Fifty Crane Murder
  • The Silenced Whistleblower
  • Gathering Three Allies
  • Routing the Thunder Band
  • The Birth of the Tiger Clan
  • Resolving the Fifty Crane Murder
  • Journey to Shiro Usagi
  • Into the Shadow
  • The Fall of the Hare
  • Months Before The Fall
  • Scorpion Clan Coup, Day One
  • Scorpion Clan Coup, Day Two
  • Scorpion Clan Coup, Day Three
  • Scorpion Clan Coup, Day Four
  • Scorpion Clan Coup, Day Five
  • Scorpion Clan Coup, Day Six
  • Katashi returns to the Unicorn Clan
  • Moto Katashi, The Flame Champion
  • United in the Ranks of the Twelve Ronin

'PC: Moto Katashi'

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