Otaku Kimiyo

Katashi's older sister, Taisa in the Emerald Legion


Otaku Kimiyo was set for a match with Daidoji Toru. Originally, the Otaku family wanted to bring Toru into the Unicorn clan, but his shift in position to Chief Emerald Magistrate foiled that. The marriage was made null when Toru became Daimyo of the Renketsu family.

Kimiyo is a non-nonsense bushi, holding honor in the highest regard. Due to her training in the Emerald Legion, she is far more accustomed to the traditions of Rokugan than other Unicorn bushi.


Timeline References

  • Birth
  • The Birth of the Tiger Clan
  • Moto Katashi, The Flame Champion

Otaku Kimiyo

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