Otomo Mukai

Governor of Higshikawa District in Otosan Uchi during the Coup


Bayushi Higshikawa was the Higshikawa district’s Governor of Otosan Uchi. His mysterious death provoked the district council was convinced that each of the others was responsible for Higshikawa’s death, and they had since destroyed themselves. His succesor was a young and inexperienced courtier, Shosuro Mukai, who contrary to tradition, ordered the district retained the name of the late governor.

Mukai played an active role against his own clan during the coup, by channeling disinformation and eventually staging a revolt. Such actions earned Mukai a position in the Imperial family of the Otomo.


Timeline References

  • Birth
  • Scorpion Clan Coup, Day Two
  • Scorpion Clan Coup, Day Five (Not Referenced)

Otomo Mukai

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