~Dead: Shosuro Kujiko~

The alleged victim of Honor's Veil


Kujiko was a young beautiful Scorpion shugenja who came to Lion lands, to Matsu Ino’s court. Between all the samurai who begged her favor she selected the handsome Kakita Hachi, and they became lovers.

Kujiko had been sent to find any way to gain influence over Ino. She run into the old strategy plans for a famous battle where died Ino’s brother, Matsu Chonoku. There were significant discrepancies between the published report and the battle plans she had found, that had been written by Ino himself. It looked as if Ino sent his brother with erroneous information against Crane forces. She came to Hachi to substantiated her fears.

Kujiko drank a tea and fell to the floor, shortly after she realized Hachi had poisoned her. She had not been murdered, because the venom her lover had used was a paralyzed toxin. Kujiko awake surrounded by two eta who were burying her. When she tried to destroy them with magic, one of them stroke her in the head, and they fled.

A bloodied and spiteful Kujiko came to the temple where she and Hachi used to meet. There was her lover and confronted him. Hachi managed to strike her, and finally Kujiko died. Her cousin the junshin Bayushi Yojiro arrived with two yojimbos to investigate her disappearance.


Timeline References

  • Birth
  • Honor’s Veil

~Dead: Shosuro Kujiko~

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