Suzume Kashira

Sparrow Clan Champion


Kashira is a patient, forgiving and peaceful old man. Those who are impatient will dislike him, but for those willing to see beneath the exterior, Kashira is a bushi fo great wisdom.

Suzume Kashira was the father of Suzume Yugoki. He became the Sparrow Clan Champion after his father Suzume Mukashino turned the clan’s leadership over Kashira, to travel with his grandson Yugoki.

In 1121 after the Battle of Three Man Alliance Kashira agreed to form the Three Man Alliance with the Wasp Clan and the Fox Clan.


Timeline References

  • Birth
  • Three Man Alliance (Not Referenced)
  • Gathering Three Allies (Not Referenced)
  • Routing the Thunder Band (Not Referenced)
  • The Birth of the Tiger Clan

Suzume Kashira

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