~Dead: The Bandit King~

A King of Pirates, and Bandit of the Sea


The Bandit King was a Pirate strategist and leader that preyed predominantly upon ships in the Broken Lands. It was later learned that he possessed some very dark qualities. The Bandit King was murdered on the beech of his cove in the assault of 1119. The remnants of his forces fled in a few available Kobune that managed to get away.

These forces would later be seen as part of the Cult of the Bloody Tongue.


Timeline References

  • Birth
  • Topaz Championship
  • Temple of the Asahina
  • Start of the Ebi Mura Campaign
  • Destroying the Bandit King
  • Cult of the Bloody Tongue
  • Curses, Curses

~Dead: The Bandit King~

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