~Dead PC: Togashi Tofune~

Fallen Ally, Rival of Toru, McBlanderson


Played By: Joel

Mirumoto Toshiro / Togashi Tofune was a long time rival to Toru and member of the Magistrate heroes. He was the holder of the Dragon Rune before his death clearing Oni Mura, aiding Toru in the rescue of his sister.


Timeline References

  • Birth
  • Start of the Ebi Mura Campaign
  • Rescue at Sulfur Island
  • The Stars of Destiny Revealed
  • Investigation in Oni Mura
  • Ebi Mura Continued (Not Referenced)
  • Destroying the Bandit King
  • Attacking Oni Mura
  • Blue Moon Village
  • Onto Boulder Village (Not Referenced)
  • Investigation in Boulder Village
  • The Castle of Akuma Jou
  • Personal Matters After Boulder Village
  • Murder at Kyotei Castle
  • Inu’s Wedding and the Tournament of Thunder (Becomes Togashi Tofune, the Ise Zume Monk)
  • Honor’s Veil
  • Noh Masks (Not Referenced)
  • Ebehdo Castle in Bayushi Lands
  • Facing Chikazane at Sleeping River
  • Oni Mura Castle Part II (Died in battle against an Oni from a tendril to his midsection)
  • Death

~Dead PC: Togashi Tofune~

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