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Battle of the Broken Tower

  • As the heroes returned to the broken lands, a great incident happened. An unknown army landed off the coast between Oda Mura and Ebi Mura. The primary ship was structured much different than the standard ships of Rokugan, while the second ship was a simple kobune filled with ronin raiders.
  • The army made for the south, reaching Ebi Mura and storming through the guard. The Ebi guard fought back, but were caught off guard and overwhelmed by the unknown army. The army used strange weapons, wore strange clothes and spoke a strange dialect, while the ronin raiders they employed were quite obviously from rokugan.
  • After creating chaos in Ebi mura, the unknown army was pushed back and driven out west. The unknown army turned and retreated north west. The Ebi family called for allies to eradicate the raiders, and received the aid of the Emerald Legion under Otonashi’s ally Yu. The Oda family sent two small forces as well, containing the likes of Nobunaga’s retainer Katsuo.
  • The magistrates returned to Ebi Mura just a few hours after the army departed, allowing them a chance to catch up by the first night of marching. The allied forces of the Broken Lands engaged the unknown army at the mountain range, just below the stronghold known as the Broken Tower. Katsuo, Toru, Otonashi and Ryu all participated in the Battle of the Broken Tower. In the heat of battle, Otonashi made an impressive shot with his bow, killing three enemies with one arrow. The young daimyo Ebi Ieyasu was present at this battle and claimed his first victory as a bushi against one of the ronin raiders.
  • As the battle lingered on, a quake rumbled across the land, splitting the armies. In the immediate area, all the bushi fell save for Katsuo who showed impressive skill on difficult terrain. The battle came to a close when Katsuo engaged the enemy leader, killing him with a fierce blow from the dai tsuchi. The remnants of the enemy army moved quickly up the mountainside, and into the Broken Tower. The army under Yu did not pursue immediately, taking the afternoon to collect their dead, heal the wounded and perceive the battle grounds. A strange relic was found on the unknown leader’s body alongside his foreign weaponry. The strange relic was an orb, and even the shugenja of the army could not determine it’s use, though one shugenja noted that the orb seemed to react to the volcano.
  • The night was spent in strategy. Ebi Ieyasu, Yu, Taisa of the Emerald Legion, Oda Mitsuhide,Bayushi Yojiro, Minoru and Usagi Kai gathered alongside the Emerald Magistrates to prepare for the siege the next morning.

Laying Siege on the Broken Tower

  • The initial clashing of armies that occurred on the path up the mountainside proved a great difficulty for the advancing allied army. Usagi Kai and Bayushi Yojiro both received grievous wounds at this stage in the battle, barely surviving the effects. And many more suffered great wounds. After defeating the officer of the initial army, the Magistrates rallied under one banner and charged the gates.
  • The advancing Rokugan army clashed once more with the gaijin army at the walls of the Broken Tower. The gaijin armed the walls well, providing a number of siege weapons that the Rokugan army was not familiar with. The circumstances seemed dire.
  • Thanks to the magistrates work, the outer gate was brought down and the Rokugan army filled into the barren courtyard. The magistrates squared off against an advanced unit of gaijin led by the General of the army.
  • Otonashi took to form of bird, finding his way onto the Tower where a small archery guard protected the gaijin pully mechanism crudely employed to secure the inner gates remained closed. Taking the form of a man meant moving without clothing. Regardless, Otonashi looked past his dignity, and employed a number of jiujutsu moves in the nude to the few men guarding the mechanism. It didn’t take him long to trigger the inner gate to open.
  • Matsu Ryu, Daidoji Toru, Katsuo, Otaku Katashi and Yu stood back to back, facing off agains the advanced gaijin unit which proved a far greater threat than they anticipated. Matsu Ryu would take grievous wounds that would kill most men, yet he climbed back to his feet on three ocassions to cleave down enemies. Daidoji Toru employed his iaijutsu stance, often requiring but a single strike to defeat enemies. Yu raised his yume at enemies, kiting them across the battlefield, resorting to jiujutsu when needed. Katsuo showed unmatched skill in jiujutsu, breaking the necks of enemies and throwing others across the battlefield. The ill experienced Otaku Katashi showed great promise despite his struggling advancements against a superior enemy. When the General was defeated, the enemy was nearly routed, and retereated from the Broken Castle, heading east for their ships.

The Firebringer and the Fifty Crane Murder

  • The majority of the Magistrate commanded forces moved into the Broken Tower to secure it, while the Magistrates themselves went to a nearby Mountain. The mountain was in fact a dormant volcano, which was likely the root cause of the quake felt earlier. They were compelled forward by the strange relic found on the large enemy bested on the first day of the battle. It was at the volcano that Otaku Katashi would take a chance, stepping forward. He pressed his hand to a symbol and found himself in a room with a glowing light. Reaching for it, the True Rune of Fire entered him, and he was returned to the others.
  • After the event, they returned to the secured castle to find rest. Later that night, the sound of a biwa playing echoed through the empty castle halls. The magistrates investigated the noise and heard further sounds of voices and activity from the main hall. Entering the hall, they found a grand party of spirits taking place before them. They were not regarded by the ghosts, save Otaku Katashi who caught the eye of one particular ghost. Katashi greeted the female ghost. She replied “Yuki, are you to deliver my hand to Kensuro? I thought you loved me.” Suddenly the entire party took note of the Magistrates. The mood turned hostile as the hall transformed into a whirling dervish of decorations and equipment flying through the air and crashing against any target that might intercept their paths.
  • Investigating in the library brought the characters to a journal of the last Yasuki lord of the castle as well as a journal marking the events at the Winter Court as the Fifty Crane Murder. This event was known to have taken place before Toru was born. The Winter Court had guests from the Yasuki family and guests from the Kakita family of the Crane to negotiate a marriage. The plans would give the Crane more land in the mountains, as well as armor from the Kaiu family. During the winter court, Yasuki Kensuro uncovered that his betrothed was mistress to the negotiator. Right then and there, Kensuro called for a duel to first blood to be held the next morning. Sleeping with his anger, the True Rune of Fire reacted and a smoke vapor was released from the volcano killing everyone that night save for Kensuro and the others that held permanent residence in the Broken Tower.
  • Yasuki Hodaka was found as a prisoner held within the castle on the first day, and allowed to rest. After the haunting, the Magistrates decided to question him after a night’s rest. He was old and battered, and far from quick to relay the failures of his late master. But with the issue pressed, he relayed his knowledge of the events as he understood them.
  • On the morning the Crane were found dead, Kensuro had his servants pack their things and together they abandoned the Crab and the Broken Tower for a Yasuki kobune that would take them to the Mantis Isles where he might find a new life as a ronin. But a storm took them off route, and they were lost at sea for what seemed like forever. Eventually they landed, and met House Rafiq of a strange place known as the Ivory Kingdoms. An important figure in House Rafiq, known as Abheek, killed Kensuro and his other servants, taking all he had with him including the sphere. Hodaka explains that he had been acting as the primary diplomat for Kensuro until he was killed, so he was spared. Abheek held a strange sphere that Kensuro once held, and he spoke to his men about a prophecy from the Destroyer. Abheek gathered his resources and prepared to embark for unknown territories with an army of one hundred and fifty. He neglected to tell his cousins of his plan, who would have been dissatisfied with his actions. On the way to broken lands, the ship came across a few Rokugani pirate vessels, conquering the inferior kobune with their better built ships. The pirates and ronin aboard the ships were recruited through negotiations. The leader had enough cunning to leave one rokugani retainer alive so that he might serve as a translator. They were guided by Abheek’s strange prophecy back to the Broken Tower.
  • The second night’s haunting was just as direct, but this time it seemed that Otaku Katashi had the samurai-ko spirit’s attention, as she went beyond the Great Hall to find him. Having no real expertise in ghosts and no ability to bring harm to the spirits, the Magistrates opted to retreat back to Ebi Mura.

The Silenced Whistleblower

  • The second night’s haunting was just as direct, but this time it seemed that Otaku Katashi had the samurai-ko spirit’s attention, as she went beyond the Great Hall to find him. Having no real expertise in ghosts and no ability to bring harm to the spirits, the Magistrates opted to retreat back to Ebi Mura.
  • The night of their return, the magistrates received notice from the Emerald Magistrate Servant, the Ashigaru Saizo that a teen boy named Ken had been waiting to speak with them for nearly three days, but was not regarded as a critical concern. He was residing in Shiyozu Inn.
  • A letter was received for Katashi. The letter was from his father in law, informing him that due to his station; the wedding and bride will be brought to Ebi Mura at winter court. The Magistrates were also alerted to the knowledge of old allies move around the town. Little Pebble, the monk from Inu’s Wedding tournament now aided a nearby temple, while Itteika, Ritto and Big Yoji from the Murder at Kyotei Castle had set up residence in Ebi Mura. The Stone inscribed with Stars of Destiny was beginning to fill with names.
  • The Magistrates received orders for the Emerald Champion to proactively aid the Ebi family for Winter Court in Ebi Mura. Many well known representatives were scheduled to be there, and it was important that the work being done to clean up the Broken Lands was on display for the Winter Court. Otonashi was also made aware of his betrothal to Yoritomo’s niece.
  • The Magistrates enjoyed their evening back in rest, and forgot about the boy Ken waiting for them in the Ryokan until later that night. Upon arriving at the inn, it seemed they were too late as an assassin had slipped in and executed the poor boy. Fearing that the boy was a whistleblower of sorts for the Scorpion Clan, the Magistrates took active persuit of the assassin’s trail thanks to Ryu and his acute sense of smell. The pursuit led Ryu and the Magistrates on a roundabout path to a bamboo forest in the Suzume lands of the Sparrow Clan. Catching sight of a burning field in the moonlight, the Magistrates changed priorities and went to investigate the fire in the Sparrow Lands.

Gathering Three Allies

  • As the Magistrates came closer to Kyuden Suzume, the fog thickened. Climbing torward they castle, they rose above the fog to see fires in the distance. All of the nearby crops of the Suzume family were burning. This was clearly deliberate. An enemy was attempting targeting the minor clan’s food supply. The Magistrates passed by a very large army leaving the burning fields. They watched the army march to the very same bamboo forest that they had just investigated.
  • The magistrates split up to help where they were most needed. Katashi and Katsuo went to aid the fighting of fires while Toru, Ryu and Otonashi sought council with the Daimyo, Suzume Kashira. It was here that Katsuo worked alongside a very tough Ashigaru by the name of Ando. Ando impressed Katsuo. Meanwhile the others meeting with Daimyo Suzume listened to Kashira’s tale. He explained their troubles were caused by a very organized group of ronin known as the Thunder Band. The Thunder Band has been plagueing travelers throughout the Broken Lands, but seem to have really targeted the Sparrow Clan as their enemy. Because this was not a matter of the Great Clans bullying the Minor Clans, the Sparrow were reluctant to call for allies based on the supposed size of roughly 500 armed men. To do so would be to admit weakness. Ryu explained that there were well more than 500 men in the army they saw tonight. With the new knowledge, the Daimyo agreed that this was now a matter of major. Toru agreed that it was a matter of security in the Broken Lands, and volunteered to recruit forces from the Wasp and Fox to deal with the Thunder Band.
  • Otonashi pulled Toru aside to explain how his possession of the Blue Moon Rune had resulted in visual effects and powers that would be even more likely than the other runes to be mistaken as dark magic. He explained that he could reach the Wasp quite fast, and would meet the rest in the Fox lands with an answer. Toru agreed, and took Otonashi’s possessions as Otonashi left in the form of bird, due north. Otonashi reached Kyuden Ashinagabachi by air before the rest reached Kitsune Mura by roadside. Tsuruchi, Daimyo of the small but efficient Wasp Clan was the Lord of Otonashi. He reguarded Otonashi in high esteem and trusted his words. He volunteered a considerable strike force of some of his best archers to gather in Kyuden Suzume at Otonashi’s direction.
  • Meanwhile, the Magistrates continued following the primary road into Kitsune Mori. The magistrates passed an elder monk with a walking stick headed in the opposite direction on the road. He lowered his head before bowing low. The moment Ryu looked at him he all but pounced on the old man in an attempt to kill him, before resisting the urge to do so. Regaining control, Ryu didn’t understand why he wished to kill the monk, but does recall that the man is someone he doesn’t particularly like, despite having never met him. The man introduced himself as Dogen, and was once the holder of the Beast Rune. As many monks are, he was cryptic with details, but will offer Ryu a bit of insight: “The beast that is a part of you now, has a mind of it’s own. One day it will grow to the point that you can no longer control it, and it will act out in your moment of weakness. You must concentrate and learn to keep your guard up. If you do not, it will ruin the life that you know…”
  • As the Magistrates reached Kitsune Mura, Katsuo caught sight of his fallen Daimyo. Intrigued by the sight he saw, he pursued it only to find himself trapped in Chikushudo, the realm of the Animals. It would take him the entirety of his allies visit to find his way out. The Magistrates settled into a peaceful in and scheduled council with the Fox Daimyo, Kitsune Gohei for the next day. Otaku Katashi suffered further nightmares, seemingly getting worse as time progressed. Otonashi arrived by air that night. The next day was spent in the library as they waited for the meeting. The Magistrates met with Gohei and his beautiful daughter Ryosei who was soon to be ready for her Gempukku. Otaku Katashi and Otonashi took immediate interest. Hearing of the Sparrow and Wasp compliance to rid of the thunder band, Gohei pledged a large number of shugenja to aid in the assault. The Three Man Alliance once active once more.

Routing the Thunder Band

  • The Three Man Alliance was led once again by the Broken Lands Emerald Magistrates, as they invaded the Bamboo Forest. The Magistrates themselves halted the army behind a hill and decided to go ahead of the army to scout. They crept through the bamboo forest, engaging in a skirmish with a small retinue of the Thunder Band. The forest was difficult to move through. The Magistrates spent considerable time avoiding danger where possible, and would reach the village with little difficulty, save the single skirmish.
  • The village was clearly isolated from the outside world, as bands of ronin took part in practice drills. It was great timing on the part of the Magistrates arrival as the Thunder Band was out continuing their ill deeds. Reaching the village, the Magistrates scouted into the village. The Magistrates encountered a potential ally by the name of Botanashi. Botanashi was the one who had sent the messenger boy named Ken to raise alarm about the Thunder Band. The strangely familiar older man started with a story of the village of the Honored Winter. The Battle of the Honoured Winter was a forgotten tale of a battle a century old between the Crane and Crab forces contesting over the Broken Lands. The armies killed one another in this forest, to the last samurai. All that remained were the ashigaru forces that supported them. With their leaders slain, the ashigaru set down their blades and made peace.
  • Botanashi explained that the majority of the forces were out on exercise, save for the warlord and a small retinue. He explained that the warlord went by the name of Sanji. Botanashi was able to confirm for the samurai that Sanji had previously met with Scorpion delegates on the edge of the forest. He believed Sanji to be a Scorpion samurai under the guise of a ronin.
  • The Magistrates took action and assaulted Sanji and his personal retinue. It was a one sided fight as Sanji and his men were quickly routed. The Magistrates took haste to retreat from the forest, just in time to join the greater battle on the edge of the forest where the Three Man Alliance clashed with the remnants of the Thunder Band. The Three Man Alliance made short work of the army of superior numbers, scattering the survivors in all four directions.
  • With the threat of the Thunder Band removed, the Emerald Magistrates returned to Ebi Mura to meet with Usagi Kai about the haunting. By this time, Otaku Katashi was particularly sickly from the exhaustion of his nightmares. Kai was able to suggest that it would be best to recruit a member of the Falcon clan, as they were renowned experts concerning ghosts. Daidoji Toru and Matsu Ryu remained behind in Ebi Mura to prepare for the upcoming Winter Court. Otonashi, Katsuo, Otaku Katashi, Usagi Kai and Minoru set out for Falcon Lands on the western side of the Shinomen Mori.

The Haunting in the Shinomen Mori

  • The next day the Magistrates set out for the lands of the Falcon Clan to retrieve an expert in ghosts. Their destination was Kyuden Toketsu, which is located west of the ancient Shinomen Mori and northeast of the Shadowlands. The group consisted of Otonashi, Katsuo, Katashi, Usagi Kai and Minoru. Matsu Ryu and Daidoji Toru remained behind in order to prepare for the hosted Winter Court in Ebi Mura. The Magistrates agreed to risk passing through the ancient forest due to the time restraints.
  • Though the day went smooth, they encountered a ghost while gathering water at riverside. The haunting seemed far from concerning. It spoke as if it knew the magistrates, though it seemed to mistake them for another. The ghost asked them to return a family heirloom back to her father on the village just west of the forest, and they reluctantly agreed to do so. When they settled down for camp that night, they watched from the fireplace as the spirit appeared to haunt the proximity of the camp, but never came inside. During Katsuo’s watch, he heard a noise that came from another direction. He woke Otaku Katashi who alerted the others and persued after Katsuo, who had already left the camp perimeter to investigate. After chasing a creature over a great distance, Katsuo was faced with an awakened Naga, creatures though to be nothing more than a myth at this point. It was said that they were once the protectors of Rokugan. The naga being chased was a on the inexperienced side, and went by the name Rami. Another seemed to have the wisdom of an elder, and went by the name of Shaukat. Shaukat knew the Rokugani language, and there was a bit of a conversation exchange. It was known that the naga were believed to be sleeping. And the Magistrates learned that if the naga were awake, dark times were ahead.
  • The Heroes arrived on the west side of the Shinomen Mori in the late afternoon. They were surprised to see a Crab Sentry surrounding the nearby village parameter. Were the Crab expanding their borders? Despite it being a trip out of the way, the heroes decided to make good on their word to the ghost and return the heirloom to her father. They located the father within their family’s inn within the nearby village and were quick to hand over the item. They learned that she had been previously betrothed to the man who was now the mayor of the village. She was tasked with chores outside of the village when she went missing and was never found. As it was dusk, the magistrates opted to stay at the inn, only to awake to the noise of a startled cry. They rushed to the noise to fine the father dead. It appeared the otherwise harmless ghost had become bent on vengeance. They knew who her next target was, and reacted quickly. Together, the heroes located the mayors home, barging past his personal guard just in time to watch him did. The Crab sentry arrived when alerted to see the heroes peculiar presence and the death of the mayor. The Crab sentry moved to detain the heroes, but the heroes would have nothing of it, cutting their way out the north entrance to town.
  • After a few distractions on a very long journey, the Magistrates reached their destination of Kyuden Kotetsu, requesting the aid of a specialist in the ways of hauntings. The specialist was named Tenkuu and trained in the ways of the Moshi Shugenja. They also learned that the Crab had unexpectedly taken charge over the lower portion of Falcon lands due to reports of recent activity within the Shinomen Mori. The reports spoke of potential Shadowlands creatures on the edge of the forest. The heroes determined this was likely the Naga waking. Together, the heroes set out for Ebi Mura, returning mere days before the Winter Court.

The Birth of the Tiger Clan

  • On the morning prior to the start of Winter Court, Daidoji Toru received a parcel containing the head of his former yojimbo. The smell was covered by a particularly potent fragrence in a tightly sealed box. The box was delivered by a man of peasant stock described as balding in patches, thin facial hair and missing several teeth. He was otherwise short and inconspciuous. Given that this very same yojimbo was responsible for the maiming of Bayushi Sugai, Toru assumed the source was his nemesis.
  • The opening session of the court started with a welcoming speach from the young ronin daimyo Ebi Ieyasu. Guests of various importance arrived in clusters, including: Doji Satsume, the Emerald Champion and Crane Clan Champion, Hida Kagome, former lover of Inu and mother to his child, Kitsune Gohei, the Fox Clan Champion and his daughter Kitsune Ryosei, Moshi Jukio, Centipede Clan Champion and his granddaughter Moshi Wakiza, Moto Kaori, Unicorn Clan Shugenja betrothed to Otaku Katashi, Otaku Kimiyo, Taisa of the Imperial Legion, Sister of Otaku Katashi and Toru‘s betrothed, Otaku Taka, Katashi’s twin sister, Suzume Kashira, Sparrow Clan Champion and his son Suzume Yugoki, Tsuruchi, Wasp Clan Champion, Mukami, Yojimbo of Tsuruchi, Yoritomo, Mantis Clan Champion and his cousin Okichi, the betrothed of Otonashi.
  • Toru took the floor next to read the death poem of Hida Sairentosuto-n (Inu). It was a passionate oration and a well worded poem that drew an emotional response from the audience. When Toru finished the reading, The Emerald Champion and Imperial Herald took the floor together. The Emerald Champion spoke: “I have arrived today to give acknowledged voice to an edict from the Emperor Hantei the 38th . The efforts to tame the Broken Lands have not gone unnoticed by the Emperor, I assure you. He feels compelled to respond in such a way that rewards you for all that you have done in your service to him. It is the Emperors’ wishes to see Daidoji Toru rise to the rank of Daimyo and Champion of a minor clan.” And with this the Tiger Clan was born. Toru chose the family name Renketsu and set about to organizing recruitment and the Broken Tower as his fortification.
  • The Magistrates spend the next few weeks of Winter Court fulfilling their social duties while investigating a solution for the Broken Tower, and actively determining recruitment. Usagi Kai reports back that a log of the former Dragon Clan magisrate made reference to a ronin on an isolated lake village that matched the scar description of the late Crab lord’s journals. The group prepared to investigate after their winter duties were done.
  • In the weeks that followed, Otonashi was wed to his betrothed Okichi with very little ceremony around the wedding. Otonashi was named Yoritomo’s official ambassador to the minor clans. Though the title held no true weight, Yoritomo was a very respected daimyo. Otaku Katashi wed Moto Kaori just a few days later. The wedding ceremony of Otaku Katsuo and Moto Kaori is simple, scheduled to take place in early winter (the same day that the Emerald Champion is leaving) at a Shrine of Fukurokujin, the Fortune of Wisdom and Mercy. It is customary for the guests of an Otaku male marrying out into another Unicorn family to walk their horses into the shrine as the betrothed and her guests ride in. The ceremony was simple, involving an exchange of vows and drinking from 3 cups. Once the ceremony was complete, the parents of the betrothed gifted their new son with a steed and the couple rode away together to cement their vows. The next morning, a wedding party was scheduled and all the guests of the Winter Court were invited to attend. It was here that the ghost of Doji Cho grew jealous of Katashi’s attempts to ignore her, possessed him and nearly succeeded at murdering his new wife. Toru deemed that it was no longer safe to wait until winter was over to resolve the issue with the haunting. The magistrates set out for the Village of the Rising Wave the next day.

Resolving the Fifty Crane Murder

  • While Otonashi remained behind to receive instruction on his duties to the Wasp/Mantis alliance, Toru led the magistrates to the Village of the Rising Wave. The village was located on a lake on the north side of the Broken Lands. The village had a populace of roughly two thousand. It was a village known for it’s isolation, prosperous fisheries and woman-only monestary dedicated to Akemi, the fortune of dedicated beauty. It was said that no man could get along while on the island, so the population was significantly uneven in the ratio of female to male.
  • The Magistrates stood out like sore thumbs and garnered a lot of looks as the outsiders they were. Very few figures seemed to go out fo their way to greet them, despite their prestigious positions. Asking around, the heroes were able to locate Izumi, the head of the monestary. She was very helpful, and after testing the magistrates honor, led them to the man they sought after. It was clear in her stories that despite her appearance as a youth filled teen, she was likely much older. The Magistrates wasted little time explaining the circumstances around Katashi’s haunting experience and the current state of the Broken Tower. Yuki volunteered to join the others on a mission to the Broken Tower to resolve the haunting and bring this stain of his past to an end. Before leaving, Izumi offered a simple prayer to the fortunes on the heroes behalf, gifting Yuki with the Village Sword of the Rising Wave.
  • Returning to the Broken Castle, Renketsu Toru, Matsu Ryu, Renketsu Katashi, Katsuo and the Falcon Clan ghost expert Tenkuu entered the castle and were faced with a direct conflict as the castle came to life before them. The army of 100 Crane ghosts appeared and confronted Yuki. Yuki and Cho exchanged words, but it was clear that the haunting of the former Crane beauty Doji Cho was no longer the same entity she once was in life. The ghosts came to life, attacking the magistrates. It was a bloody battle that resulted in a few guard casualties, but otherwise went smooth. Yuki used the crystal sword of the Village of the Rising Wave to cut deep into the enemy before going down. Katashi finished the deed by slaying the ghost of Cho and ending his months of nightmares once and for all.
  • With the Broken Tower now cleansed, the Tiger Clan set up headquarters, spending the remainder of the cold months recruiting, organizing and negotiating with the Great and Minor Clans of Rokugan. Renketsu Toru began working on a strategy to marry Matsu Ryu into the Tiger Clan, but first asked his interest in a personal discussion. It was clear the former rivals and allies had become true friends over the many years together. Toru offered his sister, the young Renketsu Aiba’s hand in marraige for Matsu Ryu. This would bring Ryu close to the major line of the new Tiger Clan. A letter was prepared and sent out to the Lion Clan Champion, Akodo Tutori.

Events Elsewhere in Rokugan

  • Otaku Kamoko is appointed as Otaku Daimyo and Mistress of the * Battle Maiden in spring.
  • Doji Retsu is murdered at Kyuden Kyotei.
  • Matsu Ino, Lord of Suboten Castle, commits seppuku when is found guilty of his Lord’s death.
  • Naga are seen in the Shinomen Mori, but are mistakenly mixed up with Shadowlands creatures.
  • The Crab are insulted by the Falcon report of “escapees” from the Shadowlands and conquer the village were the Naga were seen.
  • The ambassador Matsu Kiare is attacked by Daidoji warriors delaying his arrival to Winter Court.
  • Kyuden Seppun hosts Hantei XXXVIII’s Winter court.
  • Shosuro Jocho seduces Shiba Shonagon.
  • Ide Asamitsu is engaged to Shosuro Kimi.
  • Usagi Oda sends Usagi Tomoe to Otosan Uchi to find a husband. Only Yasuki Nokatsu appears interested.
  • Usagi Ozaki goes to retrieve Seiki from the House of the Winter Moon, but witnesses Matsu Akira apparently being blackmailed.
  • Ozaki investigates the blackmailing, but uncovers more than he thought. Soshi Yukio is killed in the process.


  • Battle at Nightingale Village
  • Lion-Crane War
  • Battle of the Forgotten Tide.
  • Battle for Shiro no Yojin
  • Battle on the Plains of Gaiju Shindai.
  • Opium War in Ryoko Owari Toshi.


  • Ago
  • Akodo Hogite
  • Ashidaka Naritoki in the Month of the Serpent.
  • Bayushi Korechika
  • Bayushi Otado
  • Daidoji Kuruko
  • Doji Retsu
  • Ide Furasa
  • Ide Michikane in the Month of the Serpent.
  • Ide Nakatada
  • Jittu
  • Kakita Edei
  • Kakita Hojin
  • Kitsu Goden
  • Korei Yasu
  • Mako
  • Matsu Agame
  • Matsu Ino
  • Matsu Izedan
  • Miya Tantako
  • Niban
  • Reika
  • Shiba Oyumiko
  • Shiba Shonagon
  • Shingon in the Month of the Serpent.
  • Shosuro Yunaki
  • Soshi Yukio in the Month of the Ox.
  • Tankenka
  • Uma

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