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Topaz Championship

  • Four Protagonists: Daidoji Toru, Hida Tsairentosuto-n, Matsu Ryu and Otonashi, met at their coming of age (Gempukku) ceremony
  • As participants in the tournament, the four would encounter long time allies (Hida Fujizaka and Toku) and seal a life long hatred for one particular enemy, Bayushi Sugai
  • The Badger Clan Champion and Ichiro family Daimyo; Ichiro Akitomo is assassinated on the streets just outside the ceremonies.
  • Bayushi Sugai is accused of the murder by the contestant Otaku Shiko. Sugai requests the right by the Emerald Champion to settle the matter in blood. Otaku Shiko is slain in the duel by Bayushi Sugai.
  • During The final event of the perliminary tournament, the protagonists join together to slay a series of bandits in the forest that were set in ambush to prevent some of the contestants from completing the event. With the success of this event, Matsu Ryu and Toku join the elligable contestants to go onto the Topaz Championship, along with Daidoji Toru, Otonashi, Bayushi Sugai, The emerald champion’s son Doji Kuwanan, Mirumoto Uriko and the Mantis shugenja Balun.
  • Hida Tsairentosuto-n is eliminated early in the championship, but not before knocking Bayushi Sugai off his feet. Otonashi was eliminated in the second round by Doji Kuwanan.
  • Daidoji Toru defeated Doji Kuwanan in the semifinals, and Matsu Ryu defeated Bayushi Sugai to face Toru in the finals. Daidoji Toru sealed the victory by a hair, and became the Topaz Champion.
  • Toru was rewarded with the Sword of the Topaz Champion. The Emerald Champion was impressed by the two finalists ferocity and offered them each a position as an Emerald Magistrate. Daidoji Toru accepted upon the approval of his lord, while Matsu Ryu politely declined.
  • The old man that the protagonists saved at the roadside into Tsuma proclaimed in a shout “Bear witness, for these are amongst the chosen.”. And where the old man stood a blue-collared crane that took flight up into the sky, heading for the sun. Megumi; the Fortune of Heroic Guidance.
  • Before departing the village, the heroes agreed to rescue a geisha from her position by offering her a role as Toru’s servant. Though this act was entirely illegal, they justified it through looking after a fellow human. She introduced herself as Kagome.

The Temple of the Asahina
Shinden asahina

  • Daidoji Toru was invited to a Nemuranari(awakened weapon) ritual and to serve as the honored position of Defender of the Ceremony. The invitation was by fellow clanmate and former Topaz Tournament participant Asahina Tadamo
  • Toru brought with him Tsairentosuto-n and Otonashi. Tadamo had invited three more guests to the event, to try and work towards a peaceful resolution after the death of Otaku Shiko at the Topaz Tournament, in order to prevent the growth of a feud.
  • The mother of the fallen Otaku Shiko, Otaku Shikyo was invited. Bayushi Sugai was invited as well. And a third guest had arrived by chance; a Ise Tsume (Tatooed Monk) by the name of Togashi Mitsu.
  • As the ceremony was underway, the wind picked up and the light blew out. When the candles were lit once more, Asahina Tadamo was found unconcious on the ground, and the Nemunarai in question was missing.
  • Immediately, Toru took charge of the matter as a Magistrate and started the investigation, interrogating the two guests he was not familiar with and his life long enemy, Bayushi Sugai.
  • The event turned out to be the staging point for the vengeful Otaku Shikyo to get back at Sugai for her daughter’s death. Through the aid of a blood mage, she was bound to an Oni and that Oni presented itself at this opportune time.
  • The Oni’s claws caused freezing to occur wherever it made contact, but this trick failed on Inu (Hida Tsairentosuto-n) who was awakened to his lineage; Osano Wo, the Fortune of Thunder.
  • Shikyo no Oni was defeated and the Nemuranarai ritual would be completed a few weeks later, midway through Winter Court.

Events Elsewhere in Rokugan
Jade hand

  • Akodo Toturi spends his summer in Unicorn Clan lands and the suggestion of his sensei Akodo Kage.
  • Ichiro Chuga becomes Badger Clan Champion.
  • Tensions between the Crane and Lion escalate.
  • Bayushi Korechika becomes the leader of the opium Bayushi cartel.
  • Togashi Mutsuma’s mind breaks from learning the truth about Togashi, and he flees the Dragon Clan to become the minion of the Shadowlands known as Kokujin.
  • Kuni Hitu, wielder of the Jade Hand, travels north and disappears with the powerful nemuranai.

The Battle of Twilight’s Honor


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Game Timeline

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