Mountain Rune


Rune Abilities: This ability is inherent to the bearer of the rune.
Your stamina is considered higher, gaining a bonus equal to your rune rank when regaining health.

Rune Weakness: The mountain is stubborn, strong and solitary, making it difficult to interact with others. You must select one disadvantage that you do not receive points for. The disadvantage must come from the following list of disadvantages:

Antisocial, Brash or Failure of Bushido: Courtesy

Antisocial (2 or 4 pts): You fi nd the presence of others uncomfortable, so much so that it is immediately obvious to those around you. Your preference for solitude causes you to behave in a manner that might best be described as rude. If you take the 2 point version of this Disadvantage, you suffer a penalty of -1k0 to all Social Skill Rolls. For 4 points, the penalty is -1k1. This Disadvantage is worth 1 additional point to Crab characters.

Brash (3 Points): You have a notoriously short temper and are likely to answer
anything you perceive as a threat with steel. If you are threatened or insulted, you must make a Willpower Trait roll (adding your Honor Rank to the total) at a TN of 25, or you will attack immediately. This Disadvantage is worth 4 points to Lion characters.

Failure of Bushido – Courtesy (4 Points): Any time you make a Social Skill Roll to apologize or avoid giving offense, you must call a Raise for no effect, or the roll will automatically fail.

Rank 1: Mountain is Earth

It is said that the Rune of the Mountain was bred by the True Earth Rune, strengthening the bearer’s affinity with the Earth Ring. Gain a bonus of 2k0 to all earth, stamina and willpower rolls.

Rank 2: Armor of the Mountain

This rank of the Mountain Rune infuses the caster’s body with the resistance of the Mountain, weakening the force of any physical or magical attack which strikes him. Spend 1 point of Void. For the duration of this skirmish, you gain Reduction in an amount equal to your Earth Ring + Rune Rank.

Rank 3: The Blessing of Mountain Kami

Once per session, you may activate The Blessing of the Mountain Kami to gain the strength and resilience of the Mountain, making him tougher and more firm-minded. For the duration of the spell, the target gains a bonus equal to the rune bearer’s rune rank in Wounds per Wound Rank, and gains +1k1 on all rolls involving the Earth Ring and its associated Traits. These abilities expire at the end of a skirmish, and any Wounds the target has suffered still remain. This may drive the bearer into a lower Wound Rank or even kill him.

Mountain Rune

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