True Fire Rune


Rune Abilities: Rune abilities are natural advantages that are outside the scope of the Rune Rank abilities. These abilities are naturally provided by being the Rune Bearer.

One with the Fire Kami: The True Fire Rune Bearer is known as the Flame Champion, and the Flame Champion commands authority and power over the fire element. Whenever you make a Trait Roll with either Trait associated with the Fire Ring, you gain a Free Raise.

The Rune Weakness: The kami of the fire element favor you, but so much so that their voices sometimes overpower your will and cause your invocations to achieve results other than what you intended. Whenever you use an ability of this rune beyond the scope of Rank 1, you must make a Willpower Trait Roll at TN 15 + 5 per rank of the rank of the rune’s power you are using. If you fail the roll, the kami might interpret your intentions differently, and disastrous might happen. Or they might simply understand your commands and obey. The ability may fail outright, it may target someone altogether different from who you intended, or other effects as determined by the GM.

Rank 1: The Flame Champion

As a Free Action, The Flame Champion may toggle this ability on or off. While on, the Flame Champion is bestowed with a bonus to the bearer’s Fire Ring and associated Traits. The Rune and associated Traits are considered one higher on all rolls for the remainder of the session, or until the ability is toggled off. Rank One does not require a Rune Weakness roll unless caught in a surprise scenario with the rank one ability toggled off. While activated, the character will act more impulsively, decreasing the bearer’s Willpower by 1 for the purpose of resisting temptation or rolling against the Rune’s Weakness.

Rank 2: Dance of the Flame Champion

By this rank, the Flame Champion knows how to keep the Fire kami under tight control, creating a dance of flame effect over a large radius. If the Ability is cast successfully, Fire kami erupt into a violent, ferocious dance at a location of your choice, igniting that area into flames for a number of rounds equal to your Rune Rank x 2. Every target in the area takes 3k2 Wounds on the Round the spell takes effect. At the beginning of each subsequent Round, if the ability is still active, every target still in the affected area takes an additional 2k1 Wounds.

Rank 3: The Flame Champion’s Dominance

You summon forth a bolt of flames that streaks toward the target with wild abandon. The flames deal 4k3 Wounds on impact and then encircle the opponent for a duration equal to the Rune Bearer’s Rune Rank. If the target casts any Fire spell during that time, the Fire kami instantly strike, dealing 3k3 extra Wounds and causing the Spell Casting Roll to automatically fail. (The target loses the appropriate spell slot as usual.)

True Fire Rune

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