Beast Rune


Rune Abilities: Rune abilities are natural advantages that are outside the scope of the Rune Rank abilities. These abilities are naturally provided by being the Rune Bearer.

Cured, But Brash: The user of this Rune is one with the Rune and is freed of his current disadvantages (where applied), but takes on the disadvantage: Brash for holding the Beast Rune.

Rune Weakness: The Beast Rune lore explains that many of its bearers have found their end at a moment of weakness, when the Beast takes over. Whenever the bearer Crossing the Threshold, he is bound to the beast rune, rather than simply carrying it. While the bearer is Crossing the Threshold, all social skills rolls and skills requiring patience have a higher TN by 20.

Quell the Beast: In order to come back from Crossing the Threshold, the bearer of the Rune must Quell the Beast. To Quell the Beast, a contested Willpower roll is made against the Beast’s willpower. If the roll is successful, the bearer has Quelled the Beast. If the roll is a failure, you will remain Crossing the Threshold for a number of days equal to your Rune Rank before you can attempt to Quell the Beast again. Each failed attempt to Quell the Beast gives the Beast strength in the form of a +5 bonus to the total of his next Quell the Beast roll.

Example :Bayushi Jinsho has decided to attempt Crossing the Threshold while in battle, to earn the boost to his speed. When the battle is over, he attempts to Quell the Beast, but fails to defeat the Beast in a contest of Wills.

Jinsho’s Rune Rank is 2, so he must wait two full days in game before attempting to Quell the Beast once more. Remember that the Beast will be adding +5 to the total result of his roll the second time Jinsho attempts this. If Jinsho fails again, he must wait another two days before he can try again. By the third attempt, the Beast will have a +10 total to the result of the roll!

Rank 1: Senses of the Beast

The beast provides it’s bearer with an uncanny ability to use his senses. The bearer earns a bonus of +2k0 to the total of any Perception and appropriate Awareness skill rolls, and +1k1 on Perception Trait rolls. This ability is permanently turned on, and does not require Crossing the Threshold. wearing the beast.

Rank 2: Speed of the Beast

You may spend a point of void to attempt Crossing the Threshold. At this rank, Crossing the Threshold permits you to move with uncanny speed. Your Water Ring is considered to be two higher when determining movement. You gain +2k0 bonus to all rolls using the Agility trait for ten minutes time.

Rank 3: Frenzy of the Beast

You may spend a point of void to attempt Crossing the Threshold. At this rank, Crossing the Threshold permits you the rights of a controlled frenzy. You suffer wound penalties as if your wound rank was one rank less. In addition, the forced inactivity from falling to the ranks of Down, Out and Dead may be ignored for a total number of rounds equal to your rune rank, plus an additional round per void spent. If you fall to Down, Out or Dead, you will Cross the Threshold and assume the full effects of your actual wound rank the moment this effect is over.

Beast Rune

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